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He had soothed the anxious man's back before his spotlight was once again taken by the girl in bed. Chen Mu let out a sigh in a joking manner and said, "see? Wives over bros~ It's a cruel reality, sniff. My baby is now all grown up."


"Woahh~ Sharp weapons are not for kids to play with. Especially the spikes that you have modified on. It might cut yourself instead. Did you already forget who taught you this trick? Haha" She could feel every strand of her hair raise in alert mode as she backed away from him. It was then that she realized the blades and spikes on her brass knuckles have been removed.


Susu groaned from hearing a disruptive voice, "Nnn.. who is it? So loud!" She complained and pursed her lips. Chen Mu responded to Tian Yuo, "She's doing very well. Maybe I'll bring her to the event tonight. I'm busy at the moment. I'll talk to you later."


Susu clipped her hair up after twisting it up loosely. The bathroom was very warm, so she didn't feel cold while undressing. She took a quick shower and got dressed. When she walked out of the bathroom, Chen Mu was holding the blow dryer in his hand and was about to use it. As the cord to the blow dryer untangled, he felt his emotions running all loose as his attention focused at the bathroom door that slowly creaked open.


Ariana really wished she could crush Kitty to minced meat, but now was not the right time. "Because of your selfishness and closed-minded peacock brain, you've put someone's life in jeopardy. Not just hers, but everyone else who cares and loves her dearly. Even though you were blackmailed, you had so many opportunities and methods to escape Karen's wrath. You chose the dumbest path, so you pay for it."


Susu stopped him from explaining, "pffft, I know you trust me more than enough ahahhahaa. What? You surprised me and I cant do it back to you guys? I'm glad you guys were here and made it just in time to save me."

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"Thank you for always being there for me, supporting me endlessly and unconditionally. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me this chance to dote on you like this. Thank you for staying by my side and making my life much happier than it was than before. And finally, thank you for giving me your love, heart, body, and everything any man could ever ask for. I love you dearly and will always do."


First female guest: "Personally, I would give some efforts to try to please that man to a certain extent, but I would not tolerate his attitude. If he doesn't realize how great I treat him, then he's definitely off my list for dating. And from that description, I suppose if it is all true words then she must have spent years on this jerk. I feel sorry for her, especially the birthday part."


Lin Que smiled, "Lily and I have eaten too much fried food lately. We need to balance our diets. We aren't picky eaters so as long as Chen Mu's cooking is edible, it will do."


Susu smiled, "I want to know about my mother and father's story. From how they've met and if my mother had other family members. I want to know many things, but we can use this as the starting point."


Susu almost choked on the slice of orange that she was eating when she heard how Chen Mu teased the poor assistant. Hearing her coughs redirected his attention to her immediately, "what's wrong? Are you feeling alright? Do you have a sore throat?"


"So, you mean that if I could recover, then we can continue?" She asked him a challenging question that she was sure he would fall for.


After telling her the whole thing from beginning till now, Lily crossed her arms and asked, "Then I don't even see the problem you have as a problem. If he's yours, then you have all rights to touch not only one tooshie, but both butt cheeks. You can massage it while you're at it to make it a fuller shape if you are the groper type."



"I know. just..give me a moment." With his hands on his hips, he lowered his head and took several deep breaths before gathering his courage to push open the door to Susu's room. Everyone inside the room could tell that it wasn't good news from the looks on his face. They patiently waited for them to tell them about Susu's condition.



After splitting up, Chen Mu and Lin Que gathered everything that they needed within half an hour. Since they worked together and always kept in touch about Susu's condition, they knew which ingredients would provide the best nutrients for her. Lin Que didn't forget to grab a few golden dragonfruits and strawberries because those were Lily's favorites.


"Y..you! You were just bullied! How could you not be angry with those gangsters?!" He turned towards her and gently pinched her cheeks while hearing her giggle more. She looked up with her slightly stretched face and pinkish eyes, "Someone is being angry on my behalf, so shouldn't I be laughing it out? I'm helping you balance!"


He knew how much she hated drinking bitter herb tea, so he chose a sweet type of herb over the bitter one when he bought the ingredients. While she slept and took sufficient rest, he was happily making the perfect formula for her body. Sometimes he smiled and other times he giggled like a schoolgirl thinking about her crush. He didn't even notice that she woke up and was observing his funny expressions from the hallway with her arms crossed.

  • "Then marry me. The person I want to be with is you. You're the one who doesn't understand me. You're not forgiving the things that I've done and are still angry with me. You can hit me or rage at me. Don't act so calm. You love me too. I'll give us a family like how it was supposed to have played out since the beginning if we never divorced." he started approaching her, and she backed away to avoid him.
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