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He raised his left brow and crossed his arms after hearing some giggles leaving her mouth, "Hoooooh, so somebody tricked me! Okay, now I'm mad." He pretended to be mad and loosen her arms around his neck, trying to scare her.


Chen Xin Ya spoke too much that her throat became dry. Seeing his wife clearing her throat, Chen Ting brought the cup of tea to her to lessen her discomfort. After that, she continued in a curious tone, "My little Mu, I've heard quite a shocking thing from Lin Que recently. This is another reason why I made you come home. You've never been the slightest into being a doctor. What made you change your mind?"


She smirked, "I have an even more exciting way of teaching her the lesson for messing with my friends. I'll show her a nice, long route to the everlasting hell that exists on earth." With one hand, she grabbed Kitty's long, thin hair similar to how owners pull on dog leashes when their dog misbehaves during its walk and dragged her across the hall. Chen Nan followed closely from behind to make sure Kitty had no rooms to escape.


Susu had worked on her client's requests and made proper adjustments to the designs before she headed out to meet up with Lily. Although she wore a scarf around her neck, the concealer she used to hide the hickeys on her neck was barely enough coverage to hide the redness.


Staring into her bright adoring eyes, he recognized the hint of mischievousness and played along, "I said, I was the one who handed him the presents to pass to you for your birthdays. I was the one who reminded him about your birthdays. It was all me." This time, his palms covered her face and caressed it.


"Thanks for the reminder," Ariana wore a clean pair of gloves, took out a dirty cloth filled with pus that Kitty had previously thrown at her and stuffed it in her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

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After the van had left, Alexander decided to personally investigate Yin Zin Leung and his motives. "How did he manage to connect with Leader Rong?" On the spot, he typed in his notes app on his phone:


His lips twitched as he heard her nonsense. She turned around to continue walking, but was once again stopped by him. He said, "If I gave you the wrong signals in any way, I would apologize for that. I only wanted to give you your wallet because you left it on the counter. Here."


The design was too intriguing that the judges were rendered speechless with their lips parted in surprise. Lily's right hand had a golden branch designed bracelet that connected to the white ring on her middle finger. Her hairstyle was done in a half updo with two golden tree branches hairpins holding it up.


"Mhmm... and the reason why they went after Shi Xue is because Qian Ling might have escaped years ago and they had no idea where she could have gone. If she had a family, then.."


Tian Guo Min was in the middle of an executive meeting when Shen Wen called, so his assistant picked up on his behalf. Shen Wen frowned when she didn't reach her husband. She knew that he was holding an important meeting, but she was only asking for one minute to spare. Since he was busy, she didn't drag on the topic. Instead, she excused herself and hung up.


He got out of bed and texted Chen Nan to check on Susu's condition. Within a few seconds of reading the message, Chen Nan replied, "Grandpa, what are you doing up this late? And Susu is doing well. She's got two servants who are giving her arm massages."


For some reason, he missed his wife more than usual tonight and decided to take out an old album of their younger times. The pages to the album were old and a little wrinkled from the number of times that he had flipped them over these years.



Chen Mu continued talking to Susu to make sure she understood and does what he instructs, "Listen to me. It'll be okay. Everything will be fine. Follow what I say." She nodded and caught on with his instructions. Soon, her breathing became more constant with the help of a ventilator.



"I'm fine. Let's go in. I'll beat the drug with my medicine and make sure her condition maintains stabilized." Noticing the tensed grip of his fists, Lin Que squeezed his shoulders to help him relax.


A smirk formed on her face as she watched him use the blades like a professional. 'Heh...he took the bait.' she thought to herself as she blocked the entrance to Susu's room.


Lily walked out from behind the room separator that they had brought. Slowly, she stepped out elegantly and spread her loose designed trimmed layers repeatedly as she walked. The fiery red flames depicted the serious needs for assistance and alertness. The silver crafts that were designed with simple shapes around her waist line and reached the top part of the dress represented the dying wilderness.

  • When they reached Susu's room, they were all out of breath. Lin Que's arms were so tired that he felt like he did ten years worth of exercise from dragging the other two with his arms. Susu turned her head towards the door, "what happened?"
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